chop and change

CHANGE is… a bracing modern pulp adventure comic, set in LA, in which an astronaut, a screen writer/car thief, and a rapper caught midway through a transition into a Hollywood afterlife find themselves entangled in the tendrils of a plot that mixes showbiz horror with Lovecraftian glamour. Or is that the other way round?

life: a drone's eye view

This blog has been built to host an interview with two of the four talented buggers involved in the creation of this book, writer Ales Kot and artist Morgan Jeske.  In order to get across some of the sense of raw possibility the book is charged with, I’ve constructed this as a Choose Your Own Adventure style interview which you can start here.

If you can’t be bothered with that sort of postmodern gambit, then you can read the interview “straight” here, but come on – you know you want to get lost in time and space with these boys, right?  Right.


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